Market Stall Hire for a Lean Startup

Market Stall Hire Lean Startup

The Lean Startup Mentality Starts With Market Stall Hire

As a fledgling lean startup — regardless of what you’re selling — market stall hire is well worth your consideration. It’s a great way to dip your toe in the water, test your idea and see if it has legs. With minimal financial investment, and without costly overheads like rent and electricity, you have an immediate low-cost platform for trialling your product or service. This will help you to understand it’s potential whilst figuring out who’s buying it (who your target market is), and for how much you can sell it (your optimal price).

Why market stall hire specifically? Markets have for centuries been the breeding grounds of some of Britain’s most influential entrepreneurs. Think Michael Marks (founder of Marks & Spencers in the 1880s) or Jack Cohen (founder of Tesco in the 1920s) and Sir Alan Sugar (founder of Amstrad in the 1980s and more recently the face of BBC’s hit show The Apprentice); they all started their businesses on market stalls. Even more recently, the founders of Innocent Smoothies also cut their teeth selling their homemade smoothies from a market stall at a London music festival.

Despite over a century separating these successful founders, all of them shared the same basic approach;

  1. Test the idea as cheaply as possible to better understand the customer, what they want and how much they’ll pay.
  2. Refine the product or service in response to make it more enticing and grow your sales as a result.
  3. Rinse and repeat.

It’s a constant process of refining your idea, re-investing your profits and growing your business incrementally. Market stall hire is a low cost solution that means you can re-invest as much of your profit as possible. And that means, ultimately, you can grow your business more quickly.

What about Hiring Market Stalls For Events?

This same principal doesn’t just apply to those individuals that are selling a physical product or service; many of our clients are in the business of organising events and utilise our market stall hire service for their events. Many of them are trialling a new idea in just the same way described above. Whether it’s a Mexican themed Christmas Market, or the UK’s first Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar-Free Food Festival — both real examples; watch videos of both events on our our memorable events page — the organisers trialled their idea by hiring market stalls as a low cost approach to testing the water. 

We’ve personally seen this approach work time and time again. Many of our clients have become very successful by starting small, testing the water with market stall hire and growing their business. Free From Festival for example — referenced above — has now grown to multiple locations around the UK. They play host to hundreds of local businesses and welcome thousands of guests through their doors each year. Find out more at

All you need is an idea, a small amount of cash and some belief (and some hard work… and patience).

Want to learn more about the lean startup approach? we thoroughly recommend Eric Rees’ book The Lean Startup. Also check out The Psychology of Price by Leigh Caldwell; a down to earth introduction to the often overlooked importance of pricing. If you’re interested in hiring a market stall then read more about service here. If you have questions about our service then we suggest you start with our FAQ. You can also get a quote for market stall hire by filling out our quote request form.

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